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who am i ?

My name is Ailin Grawe, I'm a Multimedia Designer & Photographer based in Kent.

I have lived in different countries over the last few years, allowing me to gain new experiences, personal development, and a renewed perspective to my field. I have a fresh and multicultural approach in every project I work on.


I can handle a wide variety of visual tasks, multimedia, motion graphics, branding or print. I have a wide range of skills, from digital image manipulation, audiovisual production, generation of multimedia and graphic content to template websites development and maintenance.

Why working with me?

I will deliver the same results as a top agency at a fraction of the price, because I have lower overheads.

I also get to work much more closely with you. As well as your designer, I am your personal account manager.

I will treat your project as if it was mine.

Mission & Vision

My mission is to make you love and be proud of your brand by creating a unique design that generates that “wow” reaction in all your clients and improves the brand awareness resulting in an increase in your sales.

My vision is to create equal opportunities for small business to get the chance to stand out against big companies with a fat marketing budget. I think everyone deserves a chance no matter what they financial situation is.

 I want to make everyone who sees your brand to remember you.


When I say "Great is just not enough" I mean it... If I don't get an "I love it" from the client it means it isn't ready yet. I believe in continuous learning and in working every day to find new ways to improve to provide better, effective and creative results to clients.

I work with passion, honesty, and loving what I do. I believe in making money fairly and that creating a partnership and relations with the clients comes before the profit itself.

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