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Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell 
- Seth Godin - 


As a UX designer, I will ensure that the 'user experience' for individuals using your website or application is as efficient and pleasurable as possible.


I work with website builders and CMS so after I finished with the customisation and content implementation, YOU will be able to easily and quickly update your sites without technical support, meaning you won't have to pay just to update a photo.


Social media has become very important for small businesses, it raises brand awareness and connects you with your customers but dedicating time every day to social media is extremely difficult when you are trying to grow your business. Let me help you with this, I will post quality content on your social media pages regularly. 


This is a powerful marketing channel it uses email to promote your business’s products or services. From monthly Newsletters to specific emails based on clients' info such as birthdays or joining anniversaries. 


From Motion Graphics, Promotional, Instructional and Interview videos to Documentary, Short Films and 2D & 3D Animations.


This is the process of optimizing your website to get un-paid (organic) traffic from the search engine results page (Google, Bing, etc..) by making certain changes to your website design and content that make your site more attractive to a search engine.

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